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 The 20/512 is our lowest priced Virtual Private Server (VPS) package.   This package is only $50.00 per month.   It includes  a single server running a Linux your choice of based operating system.     Generally we load CentOS (currently version 5.4) but we can load other operating systems and distributions upon request. 

The server includes 20 gigabytes of storage (disk drive) which is formatted in any manner of your request.   The file system is private to your server and is not shared with any other clients.   The server also includes 512 megabytes of memory, and a single CPU.     This is sufficient for most applications multiple host systems running PHP applications.    

These are hardware virtualized servers so that the load from any one of our customers does not affect the other customers.    Your server is redundant across several hardware platforms so its protected against failures.

If you' would l ike to sign up today to get your very own server of this type and size, please click here to get started.

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