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One of the areas we specialize in is customized voice systems.   I'm sure you've heard the catch phrase which is used so readily these days "VoIP" (Voice over Internet Protocol), it really is the key to limitless solutions when it comes to voice systems.

Although we do not provide phone service itself, do partner with several suppliers for phone service.  What we do specialize in is creating customized solutions for your telephone/voice needs at affordable prices.   Ever dreamed of having a automatic attendant which can answer basic questions, even give account lookup information, or semi-intelligent responses.    Well, its very possible to accomplish.   

Want to be able to have a virtual office between you and several other individuals scattered through-out the world.  Yet appear to your clients as though you are all in one building, with extensions, and direct connect features?   Well its very possible to do!    The VoIP technology when coupled with a computer running some customized software, makes all these things possible.  

If you've ever dealt with large PBX systems, or office voice systems you probably are thinking that there is no way a small business could ever afford this.   Since generally most of these type of features would start well over $20,000 to $200,000 or more.    If this is one of your worries please I would ask you to talk to us.   We are a small company and understand the needs of small and large companies alike.   We will scale a solution specific to your needs at a price which will not break your bank.

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