A Company Reborn in Today's Technology

MPC Systems has existed in one form or another for many years.    First founded by Rob Taylor in 1993 as a software development company, it was tasked with creating a Multi-line communication system (then called a BBS, or Bulletin Board System) which could run on a IBM PC platform under DOS.    Previously unheard of, this system was capable of running 32 communication ports on a single low-end computer.  Since 1993, our company has always  been dedicated to providing solutions with a minimum of investment by our clients.   Once the software (MPCBBS-Pro) was developed and launched, it quickly grew into a full Internet gateway for our customers.  That was our beginning ; but the company has advanced with the latest technology while still retaining the underlying goal of providing these technology solutions to our customers at an affordable rate.


Voice Communication Solutions

In these times when running a cost-effective business and consolidating expenses is more important than ever, it often comes at the cost of progress and diversification.   This is more true in the voice communication sector than most any other aspect of businesses.

However this is the area in which you can create cost-saving additions to your business at a very reasonable rate.   Voice recognition, automated customer service, virtual offices, and distributed office centers are just a small list of the areas in which a low cost voice and fax solution can assist your business.

I'm sure you've heard the buzz word "VoIP" in so many places these days.   The technology (Voice over IP) is simply a way of utilizing your existing network services to build your company's voice networks, even in geographically diverse companies.

Let us help you put together a plan which can grow with your business.   We are not a VoIP provider, but simply a VoIP integrator, and so we can find the most cost effective provider for your needs.


Virtual Hosting

Among many other services MPC Systems offers Virtual Private Server hosting.    Unlike so many other VPS hosting sites which provide you a shared environment in which you have partial control, and the effects of one client can adversely affect all clients, our VPS services are truely private.    Think of it as a true server within a bubble.   What happens within this bubble does not affect anything outside of it,    You have full access to your VPS and may load any form of software that you wish.   



   Its come to our attention that a number of individuals coming to this site are looking for a particular cell phone provider.   We are not a cell phone company.   We do not provide cell phone service, nor have we ever offered such service.    If you've come to this site by mistake thinking that we are a cell phone provider, you have us mistaken with another company.     We can recommend several cell phone providers, probably the best of them would be Sprint Mobile.    We appologize for any inconvinience, and would be happy to assist with any of the other products which we do in fact provide or sell.
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