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There are many companies on the internet which provide services for web hosting resale.    These services range from dedicated servers to branding their own products under a resellers label.   Each of these type of services has advantages and drawbacks.

Here at MPC Systems we realize that as a web designer or web hosting provider you have unique needs which can not always be met by a pre-packaged service.    

We pride ourselves in working with out customers to come up with a custom plan which meets their needs.    This includes providing a fully private server for your customers which you can manage.    We can also provide full billing and accounting package which you can run on your server.    As part of the a customized plan we can provide a secure domain name under "" for your invoicing.

If you are concerned with the work it will take to move your customer's domains, let us assist you.   We have 20+ years of experience in web hosting and information technology services, and would be glad to assist you in migrating your clients to your new servers in as seamless a manner as possible.

You and your customers can enjoy the same hosting panel which we ourselves use.   We will help install the needed software on your private servers.   We can help you with the setup and configuration, and evne provide a backup schedule for you.      Limits on users?   There are none, since its your server.    Limits on how many clients you have?   None at all, since it will be your server you can host as many or few clients as you wish.

Contact us today and let us help you scale a server which meets your needs at a price which you can afford.   We are a small group of individuals with a large repository of knowledge and experience.   Allow our experience to work for you and your customers.

If you currently are a web designer with many clients but have to keep track of many different hosting accounts which you pay another company to host, STOP!    Be your own hosting provider and do it without going broke in the process.

Request a custom quote today.   Simply tell us what your needs are, and what you project your needs to be and we can scale a solution specifically for you.    CLICK HERE  to get started today.

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